Hello World

   Ah, two words that remind me of childhood, sitting by the computer at my parents' home nerding out, writing yet another blog post to the blogspot website I created for my class in school, the same site which I painstakingly created using the small HTML and CSS capabilities offered. I was fascinated by the code languages and refused to use the lame 'web-builder' or some ugly template.

     'Hello world', its the sound the first rain of spring makes, its the taste of a new flavor your pallete has never had, its that feeling you get when it hits you that its summer again. What a refreshing two words.

     Anyways, before I get carried on by my remeniscent head, I'd like to introduce myself. 



My name is Tzvi Hirsch Perlow and I enjoy the colorful parts of life and I also somehow am still able to see it all as one big algorithm of numbers, its quite a curious combination, if I do say so myself. I mean, according to the energy reader I went to the other week, I have two colors, each representing a different personality, one is a very sensitive side that just wants to be everyone's friend and the other is super ambitious and goal oriented. Well, ain't that an interesting one.

     Practically speaking, though, I enjoy photo, video, music and arts in general.

     The REASON why I started this blog is because I would like to reach more people, I'd like for more people to see my work! And what better way than by honing my other skill or writing and giving people useful information in regards to wedding days, events, plans and life in general, I would absolutely love to share the information I've garnered along the way here 

     So! That's all for now. I look forward to writing more and putting what I have to give, out there, for you, to make use of!

     Take care, keep smiling and stay sharp!